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BrightenEveryonesDayConnectedLiving connects your technology to your life. Our expertise includes Apple products. We are Apple Certified Network specialists, familiar with iOS and Macintosh OSX.  However, for those of you who love Microsoft Office, we also have Microsoft Office Accreditation.Microsoft-OfficeForMac-Accreditation-2013-Badge-Small

We are also a Google Apps Reseller familiar with deploying Google Apps for your business. Using Google’s reliable and secure servers for your business can save you not only money and worry free collaboration with not only your business team but also with all your clients.googleappssalescertification

Our domain support services take the worry about DNS settings, MX Records, TXT Records and security settings into one IT solution for your domain. Let our Domain Support team help you resolve any issues with your domain or website.


We also set up Home Theater Systems for your home or office. We have been installing the latest, state of the art media systems for many years now and we are a SnapAV dealer.

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Gmail HIPAA Compliance

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Google Drive for Work

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June 25, 2014 |

Microsoft Office 365/OneDrive vs Google Apps/Drive

You may be considering moving your business server functionality to the cloud and wondering which way to go?...

June 2, 2014 |

Apple WWDC 2014

This event is Apple’s most watched and anticipated conference of the year on June 2, 2014. This year the...

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